dog cave bedDogs Love to Burrow!

Does your pooch like to build a nice little nest under the covers to sleep? If you said yes, you are not alone. Lots of dogs like to and you are on the right website if you are looking for the perfect bed for your doggie and fill their desire to be in a warm and safe surrounding.

Dogs are denning animals who like to be in small cozy spaces to feel safe so why not get your dog the kind of bed he or she will enjoy! Dog Cave Bed is just the answer for the doggie who likes to burrow and snuggle to feel safe and secure.

Just like you a dog likes to have their own space to sleep and feel safe. A quiet and private place meant just for them. This makes them feel warm and secure and a dog cave bed allows them to satisfy their nesting and denning instincts.

Aside from the joy you will feel when you see your dog enjoying their new dog cave bed you will also be reclaiming your own bed and eliminating the dog hair from under the covers. It’s a win, win situation.

Be sure to purchase the correct size dog cave bed by measuring your dog from the base of their tail to the tip of their nose and add 5 to 7 inches.


Selection of Dog Cave Beds

Petmate 25-Inch Burrow Bed, Navy Blue

This dog cave bed has received rave reviews from doggie owners. This dog cave bed appeals to the nesting instincts of small dogs and cats…don’t forget to measure your dog from the base of their tail to the tip of their nose and add 5 to 7 inches. The bed features a super soft cushion with a hood for a sense of security your dog loves. This dog cave bed works great on hard, cold floors because it provides insulation that captures your pooches’ warmth to keep them cozy all night. It’s machine washable in cool water with mild detergent. This dog cave bed will no doubt make your pet happier!

Product Features

  • • 25-inch pet bed for small dogs and cats that like to burrow
  • • Faux suede outer fabric with cozy berber fleece sleeping surface
  • • Filled with high loft polyester fiber fill for comfort and support
  • • Super soft bed is topped by a hood to satisfy nesting instincts
  • • Made in the USA; machine washable fluff dry

Cozy Cave – Extra Large

Cozy Dog Cave BedThe Original Snoozer Cozy Cave Dog Bed is available at a Great Price and comes with our Unmatched Money Back Guarantee! This is one of the most popular pet beds on the Internet … and we have it at the BEST prices! The Cozy Cave Dog Bed has a sheepskin pocket designed so that small pets can snuggle within the comfort of a faux sheepskin pocket. A support keeps the top cover in place so it can be easily entered. The Cozy Cave Dog Bed features a washable poly-cotton fabric for the top outside fabric, bottom and sidewall, Faux lambs wool top and inside cover, sturdy brass zipper on the outside cover and Inside liner filled with fine Spun polyester and cedar.

Product Features

  • The perfect choice for “Under Cover” pets
  • Machine washable cover with zippered inner liner
  • Fabric exterior with lambskin interior
  • Cedar/poly fill for comfort
  • XL is 45″ in diameter

Think of Your Pet during the Chilly Months

Dog Cave Bed

Don’t forget your furry friend this holiday season.  A new bed to combat this season’s chill in the air will be just what your pup will love.  It doesn’t matter what size your dog is.  They all love a space of their own to burrow and rest.  Check out a good quality dog bed that provides insulation from the cold floors during the cool months and provides cushion for their joints and bones.  Pets need to be pampered as well.  Your doggie will thank you for it.